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Michael Massage:

I had the pleasure of receiving a number of treatments from Gijs. After each treatment, my body feels lighter and more open. And the effects stay with me after the massage. I feel stronger in everyday life, I feel led and supported. Because of the treatments it has become easier for me to have a good time with myself. I also feel more direction in my life, I know which way I should go. Thank you.

Jackie Holterbosch, June 2013


I experienced Gijs treatments as very healing. Because Gijs was present with his full attention, I could relax myself more. His massage takes out stress and blockages from the body and energy flows inside my body through his hands. When I felt the energy flowing in my body, I could also feel how the blockages in my body started to release. I definitely recommend Gijs! His attention is fully available for you and there is a large flow of energy coming through his hands which is there for all of us.

Suze Barendregt (Natural Medicine therapist), May 2013

The sessions with Gijs are very good to come back into your own body. When I leave the massage table, I feel stronger and lighter. He guides me well and knows exactly where my weak spots are. This makes that I can relax myself and leave many burdens, both literally and figuratively. His hands feel firm and safe, as if you can’t hide – in a good way. What I like best is that after the sessions, my mind is much quieter and I experience a lot more calmness in myself. It’s a down to earth treatment and that makes that I am experiencing the deeper connection with everything in a simpler way.

Paulien van Ellen (Workshop Leader), April 2013


I am very happy with the treatments I’ve had. When I laid down on the table, I immediately felt like being in good hands. Quite a lot happened in my body during the massage, and Gijs guided me very adequately. The knots in my body started to tingle, and he told me why I was alway having such cold hands and feet. I have been given good advice, and now more energy flows through my body. And I am very happy that I’m succeeding a lot better in keeping my own energy to myself.

Ayla Verheijen, April 2013