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Michael Massage is an effective form of ortho energetic massage, because it works on deep energetic  and also physical blockages. You will feel the effects of the massage immediately when you are lying on the massage table.

It helps against burn out symptoms, physical pains (e.g. neck/lower back problems), stored emotions and stress. After a session you feel lighter and stronger and more positivity. If you are interested in a (introduction) massage session you can contact me.

Place: Det spirituelle center Sønderbrogade 80.1 8700 Horsens

I will be giving sessions in Denmark (Horsens, Vejle, Grindsted)! Look here for the dates.


  • It relieve physical pain and other ailments
  • It helps against any disease in the body
  • It assists in clearing energy blockages
  • It helps to get more clarity on different subjects
  • It brings you renewed energy
  • It helps you to discover and experience your own core


Frequently Asked Questions

My body has some physical disabilities, is Michael Massage the right thing for me?

Yes, I always adjust the treatment to your body, so that you get exactly what you need.

I'm just looking for sports massage, can you offer that?

Michael Massage is specialized both in energetic massage and in sports massage. Pains and injuries are addressed effectively.

Is energetic something for me when I have no specific complaints?

Michael Massage is for everybody, because unconsciously, we all carry with us various non-personal blockages. Also, this form of massage offers beautiful opportunities for people who want to develop themselves on the psychological and spiritual level.

I am already seeing a doctor, is it still useful to make an appointment?

Yes. I will always start with a brief diagnose. During this conversation, you can explain the details of the treatment you are receiving from your doctor, physiotherapist or psychotherapist, enabling me to adapt the treatment accordingly. Michael Massage can be a valuable addition, certainly when it comes to complaints conventional medicine doesn’t know how to handle.

What do yo wear during a massage?

A part of the body will be massaged with warming massage oils. This means you will be partly undressed, but you can keep your underwear on.