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My name is Gijs van Hooijdonk, and I am born in The Netherlands. During my chemistry studies, my interest in the field of personal development arose.

After completing my Master in Environmental Science, I finished a 4 year Intensive Yoga Teacher Training at “Yoga Centrum Utrecht” and I started giving yoga.

Then, for two years, I assisted at international workshops and worked as a body-centered therapist, and I treated over 200 people. In early 2013, I successfully completed an energetic massage education and I started my own practice Michael Massage in the Netherlands. I studied further in the energetic massage and also in the field of Orthomoleculair knowledge (like which food supplement you can suggest for clients to cleanse or complement deficiencies). I really enjoy practicing this beautiful profession seeing how people benefit physically, psychologically and spiritually. Every person is unique and by releasing the blockages, persons become simply more positive and stronger.

Since April 2014 I took over a Pelgrimage shop, Het Maria Winkeltje, in Rotterdam the Netherlands,  It is a beautiful shop were we give people advice how to use the products we offer. We have Catholic/Cristian, Indians, Angels, Buddha, Egyptian articles and varies incenses and candles. Also at this locations I give energetic massage sessions and massage education.